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Kenmore Air Helps with disaster relief

Lake Watcom on Kong 5 news

A special thanks to Kenmore Air for not only donating their aircraft for 4 hours and their lead pilot for coming in on his day off, but also the use of their main facility at Washington Base for the day. They are in every sense of the word an amazing group of pilots who have shown they care about the communities they operate in and want the best possible chance for them. Also another thanks goes to the wonderful pilots of the Washington Seaplane Pilots Association who flew in additional aircraft that made the training such a success. A special note goes to the group of pilots from the Columbia Seaplane Pilot Association who even through could not be there this time, fully support and want to work in developing a coherent plan for all floats. Thanks also goes to Whatcom Base's Emergency Seaplane Response Team (ESRT) for taking the time out of a Saturday to come down to Washington Base for the training. You are a phenomenal group of individuals that it has not only been my privilege to know and work with but who have been so amazing and instrumental in the creation of Whatcom Base. A huge thanks to Glenn Farley from King 5 News who not only came but who's coverage of what we are doing and have developed as helped to create awareness that this resource exists. That is something that we are all grateful for. Thanks to the Civil Air Patrol representative, the Washington State Guard representative, the Coast Guard Representative, the Seattle Fire Department Representative and just all the other volunteers that gave of their time to ensure when the planet moves we are truly ready.
There are few times in life where what we do makes such a mark that it will be remembered and that what we do improves the chances of so many lives for many years to come. October 6, 2012 was one of those times. All of you that came and all those that even though could not come have been so supportive over the years to make that day even possible have done just that. We have a better future because you cared, because you stepped up and said yes I will be counted, I will help those who will be in need to have that fighting chance. That when the time comes those lives will be fought for. To make that stand means an amazing amount and I am forever grateful to get to work with individuals such as you.
I and so many others are in your debt. I am just beyond measure grateful for the amazing individuals that you are and the hope that you represent. We have hope and a better future because of you. Thank you.
Thank you all, for in you there rests hope for a better future.

Sky Terry,
ESRP Developer.

Emergency Seaplane Response Plan concept map for Seattle area