NWESRP Northwest Emegency Seaplane Response Plan

First, you should know that you now need to be a state registered volunteer to take part in the ESRP (Emergency Seaplane Response Plan) exercise.  Any pilot from any state can register with Washington State to become a Registered Emergency Volunteer Pilot

When you become a Registered Emergency Volunteer Pilot, you are recognized with Washington state and FEMA and you could get benefits including liability protection, medical aid, disability and death benefits, and reimbursement of expenses.  If you are not registered as an emergency volunteer, the controlling agencies will not be able to contact you or be able to include you in their emergency efforts.

There are several steps you need to take to become a Registered Emergency Volunteer Pilot with the WSDOT (Washington State Department of Transportation).  Consider it similar to adding a rating to your pilot certificate.

1.     Get a First Aid/CPR/AED card.  Contact your local Red Cross or Fire Department to find out how you can get a First Aid/CPR/AED card. 

2.     Complete FEMA ICS (Incident Command System) on-line courses. 

   a.  ICS 100 and ICS 700 courses are required.
   b.  ICS 200 and ICS 800 courses are recommended and optional.

3.  Apply to WSDOT to be a volunteer pilot

   a.  Sign a WSDOT Non-disclosure Agreement.
   b.  Complete the WSDOT Aviation Emergency Services Volunteer Form.
   c.  Mail copies of your First Aid/CPR/AED card, ICS course certificates and WSDOT forms to:

   Aviation Emergency Services Program
   PO Box 47358
   Olympia, WA 98501-7358

And there's more!

AOPA's Air Safety Institute and the Air Care Alliance have created  The Public Benefit Flying Online Course (requires AOPA membership) which mentions use of the call sign "Compassion" during Public Benefit flights.  Everything you might want to know about the call sign "Compassion" can be found at THIS Air Care Alliance web page. Once you fully understand how to use the call sign Compassion, you can refer to this form for details in communicating with ATC.

For more information, please contact:

Sky Terry
Northwest Seaplane Regional Coordinator,
Emergency Seaplane Response Plan
EVAC: Emergency Volunteer Air Corps
Cell: 425-737-3923
LPN, CPR Instructor.