Whatcom Base 2013 fly-in

Schedule for June 8th

8:00am Initial prep begins, Whatcom Base ESRT.

9:00am Safety brief for ground support personnel and guest agencies.

10:30am Food prep begins

11:00am Planes arrive, food is served

1:00pm to 1:30pm overall brief for day

1:30pm to 3:30pm short haul birds loaded and Airlift Northwest (as they're able/dependent on if live 911 calls occur), then scenario runs unload short hauls to long haul birds .

4:00pm wrap up.


Attendance/interested/involved roster.

Washington Seaplane Pilots Association

Columbia Seaplane Pilots Association

Kenmore Air, United State's Largest Commercial Seaplane Operator

Harbour Air, Canada (interested), World's Largest All-Seaplane Airline

Whatcom Base ESRT

Airlift Northwest with helicopter 

Fred Meyers                    food donation 

Tom Peterson                 WSDOT, Aviation Emergency Coordinator

Terry Knight                      Emergency Communications Coordinator (DEC),
                                      Department of Homeland Security, FEMA Region Ten

Rol Murrow                        President, Emergency Volunteer Air Corps (EVAC),

New Mexico, Chairman of Air Care Alliance (not coming on site/but ESRP  development adviser)      

Paul Leveque                     Retired Fire Fighter, Albatross Flying Boat Pilot, Flew

after their Magnitude 7.0 earthquake (not coming on site/but ESRP Haiti developmental adviser)

Monte Simpson                  Washington State Guard

Terry Terry                        Public Relations, EMT Instructor (med/triage team)

Richard Edgerton                External Aerospace Education Officer,
Washington Wing (Civil Air Patrol)

Erin Huehnergarth              Med/triage team

Thomas Alexander              Med/triage team

Theresa Wyne                   Med/triage team

Michelle Noval                    Med/triage team

Chris  Pavlin                      Med/triage team

Morgan Schoenecker           Med/triage team

Stephanie Harmon             Med/triage team

Ramie Sutter                     Med/triage team

Holly                                 Med/triage team

Mike Green                        Med/triage team

Anton Preisinger                Med/triage team

Charity                              Med/triage team

Stefanie Stinner                 Med/triage team

Sally Abbott                      Medical Surge & Health Care Coalition Coordinator within

the Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response (PHEPR) division of DOH.

Anthony Terranova             HAM radio operator

Kirk Bellar                          HAM radio operator

Brian Johnson                     Base Support/photographer

Eliya Casas                        Volunteer, Patient (interested)

Jeff Lamont                       Base Support Volunteer 1( 3 patients)


Location for June 8th Fly-in on Google maps.

Marina Court
1 (360) 734-6430
20 Marina Drive, Bellingham, Washington 98229


Map of Whatcom Base flight paths:


Sky Terry

Northwest Seaplane Regional Coordinator,

Emergency Seaplane Response Plan

EVAC: Emergency Volunteer Air Corps

Cell: 425-737-3923


LPN, CPR Instructor.