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Comment to OSMB about Waldo Lake

CSPA members and Friends, 

As you know we have been requesting emails and letters to the Oregon Marine Board on the subject of rescinding the rule closing Waldo Lake to floatplanes.  So far the competition has us beat by over 100 to 1 on comments submitted to the OSMB.  Yes, that is correct to their over 3000 submissions the board has only received a little over 30 wanting the ban lifted or modified.  While we feel we are on strong legal ground and that there are members of the board that are on our side there are other members that will need to see a strong argument to vote to overturn or modify the rule.  We know that you are all busy and might not have time to even write a few original sentences so due to the critical nature of getting our numbers up we have resorted to the same tactics that the Sierra Club and Oregon Wild have, "BUTTON PUSHING". The big blue button will write an e-mail to the Oregon Marine Board simply stating  that you support rescinding the rule that outlaws floatplanes.  No Sweat,  Now-PUSH THE BUTTON above, add your name at the end and [SEND]! You are of course welcome, and encouraged, to add to the message with any of your own comments on the issue or our talking points. 
Your CSPA Board of Directors. 

Thank you for being at this web page. You can help right the wrong done by Governor Kulongoski's "Memo of Understanding" to close Waldo Lake to motor boats and floatplanes. All you need to do is send a comment, encouraging the Oregon State Marine Board to do the right thing and reopen Waldo Lake to floatplanes. Below you will find a list of talking points to help you develop your own personal comment to send to the OSMB, or just select blue round easy button above and send.
Please send your comment before April 10th, 2012. The e-mail address and the US Mail address to send your comments to is at the bottom of this page.

Now is a moment in time when your effort to comment will  truly  make a difference in the OSMB decision. Thank you!

Reasons why Waldo Lake should be open to floatplane use:

1. Floatplanes need the lake as part of their "highway" of waterways when traveling between the Willamette Valley and Central and Southern Oregon.
2. Floatplanes landings are sometimes needed for flight safety due to poor weather or other emergencies.
3. Floatplanes are a mode of transportation and should be allowed to access the lake just as cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles!
4. Floatplanes are normal and a common mode of transportation in other remote and wilderness areas.
5. Floatplane pilots often help by cleaning up, taking out garbage, reporting forest fires, and transporting sick or injured people to the closest quick medical access.
6. The lake already has a 10 mph speed limit set by the legislature, so after a  floatplane lands, it will simply idle taxi to shore, and shut down the engine.  
7. For some elderly or handicapped persons, the  floatplane is the only practical access for camping in many areas of the lake.
8. There is no record of a  floatplane safety problem at Waldo lake.
9. US Forest Service studies concluded that there is no record of floatplane or any other pollution problem on the lake.
10. Closure is contrary OSMB Mission statement which strives to accommodate access to all users of Oregon's rivers and lakes in at least some fashion.
11. In the past, floatplanes rarely frequented Waldo Lake. With such minimal use, the need to close or limit the use of the lake to floatplanes is unwarranted.
12. CSPA has offered to have noise abatement procedures that we agree to: a) no unnecessary landings or takeoffs, b) no practice takeoffs or landings, c) only taxiing as needed to get to a tie-down place,  d) use of other engine propeller speed management noise abatement procedures to minimize noise, and e) CSPA will ensure these procedures get into pilot information guides.
13. Closing Waldo Lake to floatplanes in 2009 was ruled arbitrary, capricious and an abuse of discretion previously in Federal court.  The past Governor's actions to close Waldo Lake to internal combustion motors were no less arbitrary, capricious and an abuse of discretion since it relied on no new scientific or environmental information and no due process. 
*It is most effective to pick one or two concepts and champion them in your own words and your own experience so the reader doesn't just see this as a form letter response.
Please write your personal perspective* and send to the Oregon State Marine Board before April 10th, 2012.

Send Email to

 or U.S. Mail to

June LeTarte, Rules Coordinator
435 Commercial Street NE, Suite 400
P.O.Box 14145
Salem, OR 97309-5056  

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