Waldo Lake

Waldo Lake Off Limits CSPA Bull-a-Ton
Oregon Live by Aron Faegre
Waldo Lake closed to seaplanes
Gov. Kitzhaber letter about Waldo Lake
Letters from all the major aviation organizations to Oregon Department of Aviation
 ODA Waldo Lake Regulations

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Waldo Lake for Everyone
Click this to read the CSPA Petition to the Oregon Court of Appeals Columbia Seaplane Pilots Association Court of Appeals

Paul Donheffner OSMB Waldo desicion viewpoint
The fix is in. by Bill Wainwright

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2010 OSMB law 250-020-0221 "...Use of internal combustion motors in boats and floatplanes operating on the surface of Waldo Lake is prohibited year round." 

Oregon State Marine Board

Oregon State Marine Board Waldo Lake Vote January 14, 2010Listen to the Oregon State Marine Board's
controversial 1/14/2010 decision to ban motors on Waldo Lake.

This above yellow highlighted text links to a sound .WAV file that should play by double clicking it. You can right click the above text and select "Save Link As" to save it to your computer. It is a large file at 60mb, so it will take some time to download. The OSMB members had interesting perspectives to share just prior to the pre-determined vote.

CSPA Letter to OSMB

Comments at Oregon State Marine Board OSMB Waldo Lake hearing

Oregon State Marine Board Policy

Memo of Understanding
2004 letter from OSMB Paul Donheffner
Press Release

GA Wins in the Northwest

 GA Wins in the Northwest

Seaplane association reimbursed for legal expenses in successful court fight

Is closing Waldo Lake fair?

The Register-Guard  Jan 15, 2010

--- CSPA January 2010 eBull-a-Ton ---

RAF letter by Chuck Jarecki ti OSMB

Read all about Waldo lake in the May 2009 Bull-a-ton

US Forest Service regulations

    "A decision to manage motorized recreation activities on Waldo Lake and its undeveloped shoreline was made by the Forest Supervisor on April 1 2007.
That decision was litigated. While we await the judge's final decision, gas motors and float planes will continue to be allowed until further notice."


Waldo Lake 2008  (note seaplane shadow on bottom of crystal clear lake)      

Waldo Lake - September 2009
Waldo Lake September 2009
Waldo Lake - September 2009
Waldo Lake September 2009

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