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Cub or Scout Kayak and Canoe Imagine the possibilities... Cub Scout can be a paddled kayak- or canoe-style. It can be rowed like a dinghy, or converts into a rowing trainer with a sliding seat assembly. And when equipped with an Airfoil Sail, it becomes a sporty sailer. Cub Scout is also a great platform for snorkeling and swimming. It floats any way you turn it -- on its side, even upside down. A perfect boat for youngsters and all-around family fun! Cub Scout was created by Easy Rider's Peter Kaupat specifically for his Super Cub floatplane.  It is carried upside down underneath the plane. And whether Peter flies into remote mountain lakes or saltwater bays to fish or explore, Cub Scout provides comfort & stability for two. FAA issued STC for SuperCub on EDO 2000 floats... a first in the U.S.!  Made from Kevlar, the Easy Rider Cub Scout is certified by the FAA to be carried under the fuselage of a floatplane, providing pilots with a dinghy to paddle ashore or a convenient fishing boat for mountain lakes.  easyriderkayaks.com or call Peter at 425-228-3633, or 206-915-6799 cell