Nick Knapp

Nick KnappIn the mid 1970's Nick was lucky enough to have a CFI pal who not only taught him to fly, but also introduced him to the world of float flying and he has hardly been without a float plane since.  In the early 80's Nick and a couple of other guys bought  a 1957 PA-20/22 on IDO-2000s and spent the next 15 years boring through the PNW skies at 85 knots (OK, 76 knots).   By now he was good enough at aviator math/logic to buy a house on the Willamette just so he could park the $30,000 (OK, $20,000) Pacer out in front.  After losing his dock in the 1996 flood and bouncing from Wiley's to George Wallace's float to Pekin Ferry, etc., Nick & company sold the Pacer and moved up to a 1997 GlaStar on amphibious floats.  Both the GlaStar and the 2006 Cirrus Nick partially owns live at UAO.   Had he known that Mary and John Chlopek  were not CSPA officers-for-life he'd may not have attended the 2012 annual meeting, but will do his best for all of you in any event.