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To national SPA members, 

The Columbia Seaplane Pilots Association is pleased to offer a FREE introductory membership.  CSPA is a regional seaplane pilots association headquartered in Portland, Oregon.  We are a volunteer organization that was organized to represent, promote and protect the interests of seaplane pilots. As a regional association we concentrate on the area that is primarily the drainage of the Columbia River in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.  With our sister regional associations we monitor and report on what is going on in our spheres of influence as a compliment to the national focus of the SPA.  

We handle most communications through email and if you accept this offer you will be receiving our somewhat infrequent newsletter, the "Bull-a-Ton" and occasional hot topic updates.  You can visit our website to learn more about the CSPA and other sister associations by going to

We hope you will let us add your name to our list of seaplane pilots interested in the many advocacy issues going on here in the Pacific Northwest.  There are approximately 33,000 seaplane pilots in the US.  You are one.  Even if you live on the southern tip of Florida, or on the northern most distant border of Maine, you may want to visit our NW waters one day.  We hope you do, and we ask that you stay involved with protecting all of our water access rights.

So, please act now, as this is a limited time offer. 

CSPA Board of Directors

Free Trial CSPA Memership