Know where the airspace is. See it in 3D on Google Earth, by downlaoding a current KMZ file from this linked image. It's free.

Oregon Sate Marine and Aviation Regulations
Keep a copy in your plane, you may need to educate a river patrol or ranger.

CSPA Code of Ethics

Aviators Model Code of Conduct

Aviators Model Code of Conduct provides this free public service to seplane pilots.

CSPA Preflight Briefing

When a Seaplane is on the water...

Pumping Fuel Oregon State Marine Board on Ethanol in Gasoline

Where to Find Non-Blended Fuel in Oregon

Wiley's Seaplane Base (3S1): Noise Abatement & Safety Considerations

Promote sustainability - drive floatplanes not cars 2003-3-16

CBP & eAPIS - Flying to Canada Guide